Global Me is a bilingual school (English/Portuguese) for Early Childhood Education for children from 6 months to 5 years of age.
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A Global Child

The Global Child

The First steps into a great new world.

A global school with global teaching; capable of forming global citizens. Welcome to Global Me.

Today’s world is global and it requires that we be global as well. In order to achieve this, one must speak a language understood everywhere. Here at Global Me, teaching is bilingual, and our students learn English in an immersive environment. More than a curricular advantage, bilingual children exercise from an early age the power of communication and dialogue, fundamental factors for the construction of a better world.

In the global world, knowledge is infinite; therefore, we need to offer a school space that provides endless possibilities for learning. To conquer this world, we must be curious, inquisitive and resilient. Global Me provides the tools for students to acquire intellectual autonomy and emotional awareness so they can explore the world throughout their quest for knowledge.

Global Education
Every child has the whole world inside.

Global Me is a socio-constructivist school, based on the ideas of Piaget, Vygotsky and Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia). We understand that children are protagonists of their own learning process. Teachers, classmates and school spaces play a key role in this process. Partnership with families is also essential if we are to achieve our goals in shaping a global individual. Every child has a world within and it is this potential that we want to draw from each of our students.

Our global teaching proposal is focused on four main axis that encompass the student development process. The goal is to explore all the potentials of the child by taking cautious and accurate steps so that they can develop a taste for life and for knowledge.

Step 1 - Learning to Learn

In the global world, knowledge goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom. It is everywhere: in the streets, in the virtual world of the internet, in books, in conversations with others, in the media.

Learning outside of the classroom is as important as learning in the space reserved for homeroom activities. Learn to learn, debate, dialogue and share knowledge. At Global Me, our students learn to develop group activities, collaborating with their colleagues and always exercising coexistence. In this way, they will learn to relate to the differences between people and opinions, respecting the equality of each individual.

Step 2 - Learning to do

The global world has also put an end to the formulas. More than learning to follow others footsteps, you need to create your own path. The contemporary world is not the world of rules, it is the world of creativity.

That is why at Global Me, encouragement to create is a priority. Our students learn how to experience hands-on activities in arts, culinary projects, and they also learn how to understand the creativity of the technological world in our creative lab, Maker Space. In addition, we believe that interaction with nature provides life enriching moments that help develop our students’ creativity.

Step 3 - Learning to Live

Global Me has an educational project based on independence. However, being independent does not mean being individualistic or spontaneous. Integration and social interaction among students is an important pillar of our school.

Global Me believes in dialogue; be it through verbal or non-verbal language. We create an environment of mutual respect and reflection, which stimulates the confidence and self-esteem of each child. We propose conversations with students so they can think about their attitudes and find out for themselves what is right or wrong. Students are encouraged to resolve conflicts and show affection without any fear or shame.

Step 4 - Learning to Be

Each child is different. These differences cannot be annulled, but understood and respected. We want everyone to feel free and encouraged to discover his or her own interests, talents, and skills, early on.

That’s why we work with cultural research projects and apply the practice of Mindfulness on a daily basis.  This practice allows our students to learn to enjoy the present moment, to be mindful of their activities, and to understand and manage their emotions. In a connected world, which so diverts our attention, this is a necessary differential.

A Global Team

Someone you trust to walk by your side

If we are talking about a global school, we must have teachers who are global too, capable of teaching more than the expected content. We need educators who train our citizens of the world.

Our team of teachers and group assistants speaks English fluently and uses the language full-time, both inside and outside the classroom. The teachers have a degree in education and some have a specialization in speech therapy or psychology. The assistants are students of undergraduate courses in Literature, Education and Psychology. Our team of physical development teachers has training in physical education and specialization in swimming, martial arts, ballet and capoeira.

At Global Me, it is not only the students who are always learning, teachers are also engaged in the quest for more knowledge. In addition to taking specialization courses, they also hold internal pedagogical meetings to assess and improve performance. Training is an ongoing process at our school.

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education

The sooner the child is in contact with the second language, the greater the exposure and, consequently, the faster the acquisition. The child acquires pronunciation and fluency more easily and the entire learning process becomes more pleasurable.

Bilingual children also develop cognitive abilities that are not found in monolinguals. They have more agility and flexibility in thinking and this enhances creative ability. We also know that these children have more favorable conditions to deal with ambiguity and develop cognitive abilities more easily because they have a larger language repertoire at their disposal. When these children are exposed to a second language, they use different areas of the brain simultaneously, triggering a greater number of brain connections (synapsis).

The Learning Process

At Global Me, English is introduced by immersion. Our students experience the second language and learn because of the need created due to pedagogical situation proposed by the teachers specialized in the area. Throughout the years at Global Me the children develop fluency in the english language. The teaching takes place in periods of 4 to 8 hours of immersion in the language. It is up to child’s guardian to select the most appropriate school hours for the child: half period, extended period or full day program.

At Global Me the literacy process is developed in the Portuguese language, carried out by a literacy teacher within a specific timetable for each age group.

The proposed activities aim to bring to the classroom real situations of social everyday life. That means, for example, proposing a writing activity where children list ingredients needed to make a cake recipe.

During these classes, the reading circles are permanent and embrace many aspects – reading for pleasure, to obtain information and to visit imaginary worlds.

At the age of 5, children finish Early Childhood Education with a good knowledge of written Portuguese, which for most of our students is the native language. We believe in the importance of children being literate in the language spoken in the country where they live, as they will have more access to this language in the written and oral form. During this process here at Global Me, orality in the Portuguese language is consolidated.

Partnership with elementary schools

We are a school specialized in Early Childhood Education because we believe that this is the most important stage of an individual’s life and needs to be cared for with much dedication. We also focus on preparing our students for Elementary School.

Aware that many mothers and fathers are concerned about spaces in future schools, Global Me establishes partnerships with some of the best Elementary Schools in São Paulo. By means of an indication process, our students finish G5 and are ready to enter the Elementary Program in the partner schools.


Physical Space

  • 3 different Playground areas surrounded by nature
  • Organic garden
  • 20 Fruit Trees
  • Experimental Kitchen
  • Indoor, heated and ozonized swimming pool
  • 2 sports courts
  • Motor Stimulation Room
  • Library with more than 1500 titles
  • Art Lab / Maker Space
  • Music room
  • Ballet room
  • Internal Parking

Nutritional Advice

The Global Me Kitchen team is advised by chef Morena Leite, who also takes care of our school’s nutrition commission. This project aims at bringing references of the different areas of gastronomy in order to collaborate with our proposal and train our kitchen staff. Our goal is to help our children establish healthy eating habits and supply them with information so that they can make conscious decisions and correct choices throughout their lives. We are keeping an eye on the future!


The Global Me team counts on the collaboration of more than 80 employees in the areas of Education, Sports, Kitchen, Maintenance, Cleaning, Reception, Communication, Administration, Secretariat and Security. Emergency responders – 10 members of our staff are certified and accredited internationally to provide first aid.


A global education is one that explores the full potential of the child. Mind, body and emotion need to be equally contemplated. A child who is aware of his or her body and motor skills has greater self-esteem and better interacts with the environment around him or her. That is why Global Me sports is not only a detail, it is also part of the teaching culture.

At Global we offer classes in:


Global Me swimming is grounded in children’s overall motor development. It respects individual rhythm and experiences, and encourages students to overcome their limits. Classes take place in an indoor, ozonized and heated swimming pool.


Judo is a sport based on respect, dedication and discipline. At Global Me, we understand judo as a way to promote motor, mental, social development and the disciplinary ability of children.

Ballet with Paula Castro

The dance goal at Global Me is to help children have a channel for artistic expression. More than a technique of movement, the dance movement enables them to communicate and learn to “feel the world” with the body. Due to our partnership, we follow the teaching methodology of the Paula Castro Ballet school and our dancers integrate the dance group of Paula Castro at the year end presentation at the Teatro Alfa.


Global Me soccer develops motor skills such as speed of reaction, dexterity, spatial orientation, agility, and overall motor coordination, as well as promoting integration among children.


During the circus classes, several motor and interpretive activities are worked on, which help in the development of body expression and self-esteem. The proposed activities challenge the students to deal with problem situations that help in their socio-affective and motor development.

Among the proposed activities are elements of clown, simple juggling, trapeze, acrobatic fabric, human figures and floor acrobatics.

Such activities contribute to the strengthening and tonic control of large muscle groups, to the development and improvement of balance and flexibility, and to improved attention, posture and laterality.


Capoeira is an activity that stimulates the socio-affective, cognitive and motor aspects, in addition to increasing cardiovascular, respiratory and physical fitness. During the learning process, students can learn about the history of Brazil and the native folk dances of each region, because tales and drama are the resources of teaching the skills necessary for the game.

This is the only sport that allows the harmonious integration of music, singing, dancing and acrobatics. Capoeira is also based on the principles of citizenship and respect for others. Due to the cultural aspect, this activity is taught in the Portuguese language.


At Global Me, tennis develops motor skills, such as speed of reaction, dexterity, spatial orientation, agility, global motor coordination and promote the integration of children, as well as stimulate interest in the game. The practice is based on the proposed Pee-wee method Tennis.

Workshops with Mundo Maker

Mundo Maker is also a partner of Global Me and conducts creative activities in our maker space and it is a curricular activity for our G5 students.

Flexible Schedule

Global Me offers different possibilities in organizing your child’s schedule. The caregiver can choose the best way to reconcile both adult and child agenda.We offer half period, extended program or full day program. In addition to curricular activities, such as music, theater, cooking, arts, painting, reading, gardening, physical education, psychomotor stimulation and Mindfulness, the schedule can be extended, adding activities such as swimming, ballet, judo, capoeira, circus, among others.

Arrival and Dismissal


G1 / G2 – 8:15am to 12:15pm
G3 / G4 – 8am to 12 noon
G5 Extended – 8:00am to 3:30pm


G1 / G2 – 1:30pm to 5:30pm
G3 / G4 – 1:30pm to 5:30pm
G5 Extended – 9:30am to 5:00pm

Extended Program – Morning

8am to 4:15pm

Extended Program – Afternoon

9:15am to 5:30pm

Full day program

8am to 5.30pm


G1 – 10 students

Head teacher
Teacher assistant
Childcare assistant
Physical education teacher
Music teacher

G2 – 16 students

Head teacher
Teacher assistant
Childcare assistant
Physical education teacher
Music teacher

G3 – 18 students

Head teacher
Teacher assistant
Floating assistant
Portuguese teacher
Physical education teacher
Music teacher

G4 – 18 students

Head teacher
Teacher assistant
Portuguese teacher
Physical education teacher
Music teacher
Drama Teacher

G5 – 18 students

Head teacher
Teacher assistant
Portuguese teacher
Physical education teacher
Music teacher
Drama Teacher
Mindfulness instructor
Mundo Maker instructor


Activities are structured in different organizational modalities: permanent activities, projects or sequences, focusing on the following areas of knowledge:

– Mathematics
– Socio-emotional skills (mindfulness and playground)
– Nature skills (vegetable garden and cooking)
– Arts (visual arts and music)
– P.E.
– Oral and written language (language games, reading circle and library).

Organization of School Routine

Routine group planning meets the needs of each age group. It is an instrument of organizational structure, but also with educational utility. Our routine is composed of moments that are repeated daily and in some cases, they obey a regularity so that children begin to orient themselves with autonomy throughout the Early Childhood Education stage.

Students stay in their classrooms for periods of maximum 45 minutes. During the other moments in the day, they attend various different spaces planned for specific activities, within the school. Each day is different, the spaces change, bringing novelty and diverse possibilities of learning.

Extracurricular activities

• Swimming
• Ballet
• Judo
• Circus
• Capoeira
• Tennis
• Ball games
• Soccer

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